Meet Kimi

The importance of accessible medical care in Sierra Leone


To save a girl like Kimi you have to reach her first

Kimi is a shy, beautiful three-and-a-half years’ old little girl. We met her in the searing 90 degree heat of Niagorehun Sombie, a little village outside of Bumpe, Sierra Leone. Kimi had been suffering for almost a year with severe infections in both ears. It broke our hearts to think of the pain she must have endured.

Kimi clung nervously to her mum’s legs as a Bread and Water for Africa UK-funded nurse examined her ears. Had these infections been treated with a standard course of antibiotics, she would have been back to normal in no time. Yet because they had been left for so long there was a very good chance Kimi would go completely deaf.

Because of her village’s remote location, Kimi never received the simple treatment she needed until the day we arrived. And her story is not unique. The healthclinic in Bumpe – a 24-hour clinic supported by Bread and Water for Africa UK – has certainly made a real difference to the lives of surrounding communities.

Now we want to be able to easily reach people in villages like Niagorehun Sombie. We are currently working to provide the nurses of Bumpe clinic with motorbikes. These motorbikes will allow Bumpe’s nurses to bring life-saving care to even the remotest villages, like Kimi’s. Please support us with a donation today.

Bumpe Motorbike

**UPDATE: Thanks to the support of our donors across the UK - we were able to provide the Bumpe Clinic with two motorbikes in 2012 that allows the nurses to reach six additional remote villages in the area on a rotational basis. While there is still much to do and many more areas to reach, this victory cannot be underrated - as exemplified by Kimi's story above.

Thanks to our many supporters! If you would like to support the clinics and nurses of the Ndegbormei Development Organisation, please donate now.

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